Gender Outlaw Kate Bornstein Moves Audience

By Hunter Vannieuwenhoven Self-proclaimed “Gender Outlaw” Kate Bornstein received many laughs and tears throughout her recent talk at UW-Milwaukee and even provoked an outburst by several attendees, which led to their removal. Bornstein, who spoke in the Union Ballroom on Oct. 30, explained to the audience of around 100 about her struggle with lung cancer and […]

Improvised Play Rings True on College Life

By Maggie Polsean Throughout the beginning of fall semester, students took part in the creation and formation of a theatrical piece by the name Mil-wonky Too! (Sex, Drugs, and D2L).  The improvised production, designed to capture the realities of college life at UW-Milwaukee, provoked some audience members into tears with its stories of the system […]

Street Artists Featured in Exhibit on Folk Art at UWM

Prophet Blackmon was a local artist who would sell his work on the street. He established a series of storefront churches and enterprise centers throughout the inner city. These places offered religious services and served as a site to recycle goods, among other things. Blackmon produced hand-lettered signs made out of found materials to advertise these […]

How Milwaukee Film Festival’s Black Lens Drew New Audiences

Milwaukee Film was missing a key component, organizers felt: The black audience. So, the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Black Lens program was developed this year to broaden the festival’s appeal to diverse communities. A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student was one of those running it. Milwaukee Film Festival co-programmer, Geraud Blanks, talked to UW-Milwaukee’s Minority Media Association on […]

“Writers are Like Vampires of Life”: Ana Maria Shua

The author’s presentation was not as much a reading as it was a performance. Ana Maria Shua read each piece in her native Spanish, with an engaging energy and a magnetic rhythm that drew in the audience at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. When Shua – considered one of Argentina’s foremost writers living today, finished each […]