Inventors of the “next Facebook”? UWM Media Students Create Innovation Apps

Students of the Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies Living Learning Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee tried their hand at app development. The December assignment asked the students to develop a new innovative media or information sharing app. The next Facebook, if you will. Among the ideas were: Pocket Elf, the comprehensive wish list; Culture […]

UWM Drag Show Auditions Kick Off

The 2014 UWM Drag Show is beginning to pick up steam – with the auditions that took place on the night of Thursday, Dec. 11 now over, people are beginning to get excited for the main event, which will be held at a soon-to-be-decided off-campus location on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015. Some of the queens […]

UW-Milwaukee Showcases Hip-Hop Dancers

“The crowning achievement of my freshman year,” is how Gigi Garcia would explain her experience in the 2014 Hip Hop Showcase on Dec. 11 at the Zelazo Center just across the street from the UW-Milwaukee union. This relatively small but wonderfully opulent theater reverberated old and new hip hop hits with performances from not just […]

Capoeira has come to Milwaukee

The first thing you notice is the music. It echoes from down the hall – a sharp, rhythmic number, repeating the same notes and movements over and over, like dance music. The addictive melody is already sinking in, and causes the head to bob lightly. At the door where the music is coming from, it’s […]