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Pedal Tavern Driver Alex Hutjens steers a group of pedaling panthers on their way to Cambridge and Riverview residence halls. Photo by Danielle Stobb.

Riding the Pedal Tavern to Campus

Buying gas to travel to the moon would be expensive. But imagine how expensive it would be at 4 miles per gallon.  The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee housing shuttles have done just that, figuratively. On Earth Day, UWM hosted Pedal for … [Read More...]

Photo of Juan Lopez by Jon Richie.

The Art of Fright

Frightening people. That’s what Juan Lopez had in mind when he put his exhibit together. “My goal was to scare people, as well as be able to use a new version of magic lanterns to project the material,” Lopez said. “The idea was to reflect the … [Read More...]

Enrollment Services at UWM

Layoffs Contemplated Due to Budget Issues

Due to declining enrollment, reduced retention rates and a lack of reserve funds, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is considering cuts to academic staff. According to Margo Anderson, a distinguished professor who sits on the University … [Read More...]