Nicky Glaser: Food for the Hungry

CCBLLR Program Manager, Nicky Glaser sits at her desk. Photo by Evan Vogel.

            The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research is putting on its 11th annual campus-wide food drive. The student organization is partnered with the Hunger Task Force in order to try and expand their donation options and outreach on-campus. On top of focusing on the food drive, the CCBLLR […]

Dancing Turkeys and War Cameraderie: The Rich History of TKE at UW-Milwaukee

Tau Kappa Epsilon was positively promoted in 1959. Photo by Brooke Dowden and Tanner Bakkala.

This is the first in a series exploring issues behind the headlines of the TKE scandal allegations. More than 50 years ago, the TKE fraternity at UW-Milwaukee did more than dance around wearing turkey suits along Oakland Avenue (which the fraternity members did for years for charity) or turn up in salacious, negative national headlines […]