Madam Chino Creates Recycled Fashion

When hunger strikes UW-Milwaukee students that are in the union on campus they frequent places such as Taco Bell or Burger King. When the thought of an impending test is looming, they frequent the computer lab to do some studying. If students are simply bored or need a break from classes, there is a rec […]

The Builder

It is said that students change their major at least once over the course of their college career. UWM junior Chris Laabs, 21, considered changing his major during his sophomore year. Despite the long nights in the studio and other challenges, Laabs continues to pursue a degree in architecture. He shares his reasons and experiences […]

Short in Stature and Tall in Talent

As a longtime sportswriter and senior editor at Milwaukee Magazine, Howie Magner manages to keep an emotional detachment from the teams and athletes he covers. “After a while the fandom gets sucked out of you,” Magner told a classroom of journalism students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently. As a child, there was rampant relocation […]

UWM is Freedom

Imagine for a second standing in downtown Milwaukee, say, on Water Street. Except far across the distance, it isn’t the cityscape that is noticed. Yet there are skyscrapers. There are neon lights. There are video billboards telling drivers what Bon Jovi song is on 94.5 The Lake; as if more than 2 are ever given […]