The Man Behind the Black Shirt and Bow Tie

James Christensen on the job. Photo by Dylan Deprey.

As James Christensen walks into the UW-Milwaukee Cambridge Common, he’s ecstatic as usual. His security badge picture matches the smile on his face. Wrapped around his neck is a bowtie, the one thing he’s especially known for around campus. He clocks in. He straps on a heavy set of keys to his belt. He sits […]

From Vampires to Vision: Meghan’s Story

Sam Dorios takes attendance while Murphy-Lee prepares her presentation for the day. Photo by Hunter Hanthorn.

Meghan Murphy-Lee is not just your average teacher. Along with teaching Russian, she also teaches another course that might come as a surprise.  Murphy-Lee simply calls it “Vampire Class.” “I thought it would be an interesting class for the students, but also something that’s interesting to teach,” said Murphy-Lee about her vampire class. This vampire […]

Remarkable Mark

Photo of Mark Zoromski by Molly Bryant.

Joshua March is a recent UWM broadcast journalism graduate who still plays an important role in PantherVision and UWM’s Broadcast Club. He says he is continuously inspired by the work that Senior Lecturer Mark Zoromski does for the technical side of the Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Department at UW-Milwaukee. When Zoromski came to UWM, […]

Day in the Life of a Radio Host at WUWM

Photo by Justin Skubal.

The 7th floor of the Chase tower is home to WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, and it is typically a very busy place, but when Rachel Owens arrives for work, the floor is empty and it’s dark both inside and outside. She is the new host of the Morning Edition program on WUWM. Each day starts […]

Eat, Sleep, Drag, Repeat

Photo by Hunter Hanthorn.

Devin Quello, a sophomore at UWM, may seem like your “Average Joe” when seen on campus, but off-campus, he’s much more. Quello spends a lot of time in the studio writing and producing his own music. He also spends time performing drag-like numbers to his own songs. Hunter Hanthorn reports.

PantherVision Named Best College Newscast Again

Mark Zoromski presenting "Beating the Big Boys-Doing Quality College News" during the WBA Student Seminar.  Photo by Molly Bryant.

UW-Milwaukee’s PantherVision won the Student Award of Excellence for best collegiate Television Newscast for the fifth consecutive year at the 2015 WBA, Wisconsin Broadcast Association, Student Seminar. The WBA is a trade association that promotes, supports and represents all of the TV and radio broadcast in the state of Wisconsin. The WBA Student Seminar, which […]

Beyond an Illness: Surviving Lupus

Capturing a mother's struggle. Photo by Shana Wilson.

There are widely known perspectives about cancer and triumphant efforts to discover a cure from the life-threatening disease, but what about lesser known chronic diseases and the people who live with them? Lupus, an auto-immune disease capable of taking lives, is one of those lesser-known, worldwide illnesses that also thrives without a cure. My mother, […]