UW-Milwaukee Out of Step With Agreement on Open Records

The UWM Police department is located on campus. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

UW-Milwaukee is shielding information from the public in a manner that is out of step with a sweeping new agreement hashed out this summer by the state’s top newspaper association and the organization that represents Wisconsin municipalities. Furthermore, UWM’s open records custodian has cited federal privacy laws as one reason for blacking out information in […]

Sexual Assault on the UW-Milwaukee Campus: The Messy Realities

The Women's Resource Center educates the campus community about sexual assault. Photo by Madeline Power-Luetscher.

This is the second story in a series exploring issues behind the headlines of the TKE controversy. You can read the first story here. The controversy over the TKE fraternity’s revocation by UW-Milwaukee and not-yet-proven allegations of date-rape drugging drove sensational headlines this fall. However, those allegations weren’t the norm. Alleged sexual assaults at UWM […]

Elevator Problems Rankle UWM Students in Dorms

Residents of Sandburg North continue to get their exercise as the elevators keep on experiencing maintenance issues. The most recent plague has struck the all-floors elevator, one that students value extremely, as it does not require them to walk down any extra flights of stairs. “The all-stop needs a new main bearing,” said Kelly Haag, […]

UWM Official Warns Students Not to Sell Homework on Facebook

Students have different coping mechanisms for studying during finals. Photo by Christina Luick.

The pressures of finals this December earned some students a warning from the UW-Milwaukee dean of students when a group Facebook page for the freshman class suddenly became an impromptu forum for selling homework – especially math homework. The warning highlights how students are increasingly turning to social media to adapt to college life, and […]