Mothers Enjoy Unusual Brunch

You don’t need to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle to enjoy their Mother’s Day brunch.

Mothers arrived on the morning of May 9, some strolling in as they linked arms with their sons and daughters, at the Harley Davidson Motor Bar and Restaurant to enjoy their Mother’s Day Rock and Roll Brunch.

The clock struck eleven and guests began to take their seats. The live music started to play and men and women dressed in all white began to remove the lids off of the entrees.

For many mothers, this was their first year breaking their annual Mother’s Day traditions, and for some, this was their first Mother’s Day sporting a tattoo. The honorary brunch made mothers feel extra special by providing temporary tattoos to every mom. New traditions and new tattoos seemed to be the theme for many mothers on this holiday, but for Miranda Finn, the Rock and Roll brunch served another purpose.

“All of my babies are away at college, my husband took me and my niece here this morning to keep me distracted from thinking of my kids. It’s working so far.”

For David Hawley, Mother’s Day wasn’t necessarily about starting a new tradition. After a “rough couple of weeks,” his family was in need of some fresh air and a good time.

“Our family came out to the Harley Davidson event because my mom had been in the hospital a few weeks ago, and we thought this would be a good way for her to get out of the house and come down to the city. So far, the event has been great. We really enjoyed the music and the food. Overall, it was just a great event and we had a great time.”

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, husbands, and children filled the restaurant to honor the special mothers in their lives. As many contemplated over which entrée to try first, a three man band strummed “rockabilly” tunes in the background; a mixture of rock and roll music with a touch of hillbilly.

Mothers were able to eat for free on their special day, but Samuel Fitzsimmons, a UW-Milwaukee business student and life-long Harley Davidson fan, believed all guests should have been entitled to a free meal.

“I took my mom to brunch because moms eat free on Mother’s Day. It was all right, although I had to pay! I don’t understand why I had to pay since I took my mother!”

Guests were able to admire the centerpiece of the restaurant, a 1954 Harley Davidson motorcycle, as they cleared their plates. Motorcycle engines roared as guests parked their treasured bikes outside in the courtyard and one brave couple danced away in front of the crowd to the rockabilly tunes.

The attire was just as diverse as the crowd. Some guests arrived in their “Sunday Best” and others arrived in their Harley Davidson t-shirts and jeans. Alexander De Grave, a Brookfield, WI native, was glad he didn’t have to dress up.

“We usually go to Bluemound Country Club, but I wasn’t really in the mood to wear a suit, and neither was my dad. So we convinced my mom, since both of them ride Harleys, to come down to the Harley Museum for brunch, and she thought it was a good idea. We came down here, been drinking a bunch, great food, had the French Toast Casserole, that’s pretty much it.”

The buffet included a large selection of entrees in addition to the French Toast Casserole. Guests had their choices of entrees like Smoked Bacon, Pork Osso Buco, Herb Crusted Sirloin, Blackened Salmon Salad, and Fresh Fruit. The children were provided with their own menu, which had classic choices like Tater Tots, Mac and Cheese, and even French Toast Sticks with Maple Syrup.

Silverware clanged, dishes clattered, and cell phones rang and mothers received calls wishing them a “Happy Mother’s Day,” and for Theresa Michaels, this was her first Mother’s Day away from her son.

“He starts exams next week out in Colorado. I told him his nose better be in those books if he can’t make it home to see me.”

Some guests paid the bill and put on their coats, but not everyone was ready to “call it a day.” Adelina Gonzalez spent the afternoon at the event with her family, but she wanted more on Mother’s Day than just food.

“We came here to eat and we had a wonderful time. This is my favorite of all holidays. We came to Milwaukee and I have never been on a bike before and I want to take pictures at the museum.”

Many guests agreed with Gonzalez and wanted to keep the afternoon rolling. Mothers received free admission at the Harley Davidson Museum, which was across the walkway from the restaurant. The museum offered a self-guided tour that allowed guests to walk through exhibits, read the history of Harley Davidson, and see over 450 motorcycles.

Luckily for Gonzalez, flash photography was allowed in the museum.

“This is my favorite day. I love it in Milwaukee. I have 27 pictures.”