Digital Skills Essential for Journalists

It is becoming even more important for journalists to acquire a diversified skillset in today’s world. With online journalism becoming even more prominent it is important that future journalists learn how to edit their own video and audio packages.

The internet has helped to advance the ability of storytellers to tell stories in multiple ways. Journalists must embrace these new storytelling platforms and find ways to tell the stories that they want to tell. Learning how to edit video and audio allows journalists to have control over how their stories are told during every step of the process. Journalists that do not learn how to do their own editing will have to give up the power to control how the story they are trying to tell is told.

Journalism students need to acquire these skills to appeal to employers as more editors are looking for journalists that have the ability to do everything that is involved in putting together packages. The industry is looking for people that have a basic knowledge in video and audio editing. Journalists can no longer be just print or broadcast journalists. Print journalists are expected to be able to put together packages to be posted on a papers website. Video and audio packages can enhance these online packages.

It is important for young journalists to understand the basics of computer coding, because employers are looking for journalists that can build a community of people that follow their work. Journalists need to know how to optimize search engine results for their blogs and videos.

Journalists that are able to edit their audio and video can set themselves apart from other potential applicants. Journalists can control the pacing of the videos that accompany their reporting by being able to control all aspects of the reporting process.

UW-Milwaukee Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies students should seek out opportunities to learn how to develop their technical skills in audio and video editing and simple computer coding. Employers are hiring journalists that have diversified their skillset and have the ability to attract people to their platforms.