Opinion | UWM Should Give Up on Panther Arena

The time has come to turn the lights out at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. The 64-year-old building has been witness to many great events over the years, most notably the Milwaukee Bucks lone NBA championship in 1971. But as the saying goes: all good things must come to an end. The truth about UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena […]

Opinion | Milwaukee is No Bud Lite

You know the difference between a mass produced, blasé pour and that of a “fully krausened” mug of perfection. What you might not know is that beer is more of a metaphor than an actual mega-pour for Milwaukee these days. Sure, Milwaukee is still known for several breweries that call this beer town their home, […]

Opinion | Divided by Race on the “Integrated” Campus

“Don’t run away from me, white girl.” That’s what I thought as a young, white female took off upon noticing that I was walking behind her. I was on my way to 7/11 in my neighborhood near campus. Whether she felt threatened because I am black, male or both can be debated. Too many times […]

Opinion | At UWM, Survival of the Prettiest

“My thighs are huge.” “I wish I was skinnier.” “My boobs are too small.” We live in a world fueled by clouded judgment and impractical expectations. It’s a girl-eat-girl world out there, and if you don’t know the new trend, you might as well eat yourself. Living in a house with three other girls, I […]

Opinion | Warnings Aside, Adventures Abroad With a Boyfriend

I received multiple skeptical looks, countless questions, and continuous protests from my family and friends. I felt fully aware of their objection even though not everyone verbally expressed the disapproval evident on their faces. I had just revealed my unconventional plan to study abroad with my boyfriend of four years, Travis. Regardless of everyone’s concern, […]

Opinion | UWM’s Reality Is Better Than the Perception

Determining where to attend college is one of the trickiest decisions as a young adult. Most of us are 18-year-old high school graduates who are encouraged to make choices that will affect the rest of our lives. Throw hard classes into the equation and college turns into quite an intimidating experience. In and around the […]

Opinion | Thanks, But There’s No Way I’m Drinking That

When walking into a party, having some random guy hand me an open drink and then turning down that drink, was one of the best decisions that I have made. I don’t know you, therefore don’t hand me drink. Not accepting that drink doesn’t mean I’m judging you or being stuck up, it just means […]

Opinion | Should College Advising Be Determined by Race?

IMG_3845 (1)

Walking through Bolton Hall, you may notice the handful of offices lining the first floor. A quick glance shows signs like “African American Student Academic Services,” “American Indian Student Services,” “Southeast Asian-American Student Services” and “Roberto Hernandez Center.” Ever wonder what’s behind those doors? Ever think, what do those people in those offices do? Or […]