Opinion | UWM Should Boost Resources For All Students, Not Just Minorities

The discussion of racial tension, the oppression and dehumanization of marginalized communities and the (for parallelism) racial structural system have resurfaced in light of the recent events of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Baltimore riots and other controversies. And while people have taken steps in diversifying workplaces, institutions and public areas, racial prejudices and tensions unfortunately will […]

Opinion | I Need Feminism

Feminism, in its most simple definition, is believing in the equality of all genders. Unfortunately, due to radical supporters who have tainted the name, feminists are seen as men-hating sociopaths. Many young women and most men, regardless of age, are afraid to label themselves as a feminist because of the stigma around the title. Of […]

Opinion | The Physical and Emotional Impact of a Scar

People tell me I’m beautiful. They say that I have a perfect shade of strawberry-blonde hair that no dye could ever produce, that I have long legs they wish they could steal. While the compliments are sweet, they have never carried much weight in my life. Not because I didn’t believe them or that I […]

Opinion | What Makes My Mom Cry

Just the other week, I visited the Milwaukee Public Market with friends. We walked through aisles of gourmet chocolate and fresh fruits and vegetables, but I stopped when I reached a shelf of glamour magazines. I looked down and thought to myself how disappointed I was in the overpowering amount of pressure today’s society puts […]

Opinion | I Will Never Be Pretty Enough

“I will never be pretty enough” are the words I’ve often told myself while staring in the mirror. I live in a world that defines the beauty of a woman based upon the unrealistic images that media portrays. Have you ever noticed that, most times, the prettiest girls on television have a light complexion, thin […]

Opinion | What’s More Important, Weight or Character?

Take a good look in the mirror; do you like what you see? Does society find it acceptable? I’m sure they don’t. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, beauty, kindness and independence; I also see a body that society doesn’t deem “acceptable” I’m not a size two, and I’ll never be one. […]

Opinion | Being Real in an Unrealistic World

Looking in the mirror, I saw all my flaws. I saw what others don’t or can’t see. I saw all of the ugly, all of the fat, all of the imperfections. I saw a woman who looked nothing like the women on T.V. or in magazines. I saw the cellulite, the bat wings and the […]

Opinion | Bossy Women, Bold Men

I’m bossy! Well, actually not anymore. The chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, and the Girls Scouts are stirring up controversy over whether the word “bossy” should be banned. The idea is simple. When a boy asserts himself, he’s called a leader. When a girl does the same, she is called “bossy” and “aggressive”. […]

Opinion | Grafton and Milwaukee: Far Apart in Diversity

I’ve found that when you’re uncomfortable you’re doing something right, and that’s because stepping out is uncomfortable. I come from a town that’s a couple of skips away from Milwaukee, but it couldn’t be more different. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Grafton WI is compiled of 95.5 percent Caucasian people. This statistic is lacking […]

Opinion | Bucks’ Owners Should Be Spending the Bucks

The past few months in Milwaukee have been very interesting. The Bucks made it to the playoffs for the first time in two years and have been in the news off the court as well. Since the start of the season, the Bucks management has been organizing finances for a new arena in downtown Milwaukee […]